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BSP Monument

The Boy Scouts of the Philippines commemorates with floral offerings at the BSP Monument on Tomas Morato Circle in Quezon City on Saturday the 49th death anniversary of the 24 Filipino Boy Scouts and Scout officials who perished in a plane crash off the coast of Bombay, India on July 28, 1963.

The BSP delegation was on its way to Greece to represent the Philippines in the 11th World Jamboree when the accident occurred.

Boys Scouts Memorial Day ...

Ini adalah Monumen Scout di Filipina (Boy Scout Of Philyppines) BSP. monumen ini dibuat pada HUT BSP yang ke 24, di Kota Quezon tepatnya Lingkar Thomas Morato. Monumen ini menggambarkan perwakilan Pandu Dunia saat Jambore Dunia yang ke 11....

Di Indonesia ada dimanakah????

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