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Info Register JOTA JOTI 2012

Salam Pramuka!
Semoga kakak pembaca sehat selalu dan semakin sukses! kali ini saya akan mengupdate tentang kegiatan JOTA JOTI yang akan berlangsung selama seminggu mulai Senin 15 Oktober 2012. 
Bagi kakak yang belum bergabung silakan register di 
Berikut adalah balasan dari team jota joti atas register kakak!
Hello bayu_wjs,

---------------------------For Your Safety!-----------------------------
1. It's easy on the Internet to pretend to be someone else. It is possible for
people on the Internet to pretend to be a Scout, or a Scout Group.
So to be safe, never give out your full name or your home
address when sending e-mail or chatting with IRC.
2. If you receive an E-mail or other Internet communication that you
think is strange or unusual, tell your leader or one of your parents
to have a look at it, just to be safe.
3. If you receive an E-mail or other Internet communication from anyone
that WANTS TO MEET YOU, or asks for any personal information, DO NOT
REPLY! Tell your leader or one of your parents, just to be safe.
Private and personal information includes the following:
          * Your NAME
          * Your ADDRESS
          * Your PHONE NUMBER
          * Your SCHOOL
          * Or ANYTHING else that is personal
4. If you have any questions about our code of behaviour, please
discuss them with an adult who is familiar with ALL of our posted
Netiquette guidelines.

Your JOTA-JOTI DB-Account is successfully created. Your access details are:

        User Name: bayu_wjs
        Password : ********
The following activation code must be entered at first log on:

        Activation code: 641**3004

Please log within 7 days in on , otherwise your account will expire.

Have fun with the JOTA-JOTI DB.


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